About us

For years, we have been driven by the BMW 7 Series and more specifically the e38. We make every effort to repair what is broken, with much less financial effort than the solution proposed by the manufacturer.

They have already trusted us:

Our offer includes repair kits for most emergency components. The alternative-parts.eu project brings together many automotive enthusiasts and the store’s assortment will be gradually expanded.

Look for unique parts in our store! All items rare on the market will be placed in the store in the category of rarities. These will include:

  • BMW e38 fridge,
  • BMW e38 multimedia armrest,
  • BMW e38 rear monitor
  • BMW e38 tables,
  • rims Alpina 20″,
  • BMW cloth
  • BMW e38 hydraulic lid
  • and many others.

. . . . .